Hosted Network Infrastructure on Demand

For Broadband Service Providers

Carrier Grade Network-as-a-Service

Our Broadband Termination Platform was built from the ground up for reliability, durability and scale. With features you’ve come to expect from big brand names without the cost hassle.


Base Feature Set
Service Termination

  • IPoE
  • PPPoE
  • Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6

L2 Interfaces

  • Ingress/Egress L2 Switched Access POR (802.3)
  • Ingress/Egress L2 Switched VLAN (802.1q)
  • Ingress L2 Switched over QnQ (802.1ad)

L3 Interfaces

  • L3 Routed over Access Port (egress)
  • L3 Routed over Trunk Port VLAN (egress)
  • L2 Routed over QnQ C-Tag (egress)

Link Aggregation

  • Single Port LACP
  • Single Chassis LACP


  • Per Subscriber Shaping
    • QnQ C-Tag or VLAN
    • Multi-Subscriber L2 Access Port
    • Per Port Shaping
  • DSCP Service Class Shaping


  • ACL Catalogue
  • Per Subscriber ACL
  • Per Port ACL


  • BNG External API
  • BNG Subscriber Accounting Data Feed


  • Environmental Information
  • Port Utilization / Drops / Errors
  • Optic Light Measurements

Data Structure

  • Allocate Subscriber to Tenancy
  • Allocate Interface to Tenancy
  • Allocate Circuit to Tenancy
  • Allocate Tunnel to Tenancy
  • Allocate Route to Tenancy


  • Port – Speed/Port Duplex/Enable/Disable
  • Base Config (IP Address, controller details)

Tunnel Interfaces

  • Ingress 0 Tunnel Terminated from L2TP endpoint (PPP over L2TP)

Law Enforcement

  • Per Subscriber Passive TAP to Egress Interface Endpoint

Upgrade Packages


  • BNG RADIUS Authentication Plugin
  • BNG RADIUS Authorization Plugin
  • BNG RADIUS Accounting Plugin

Security Plugin

  • Per Tenancy ACL

Wholesale Plugin

  • Tunnel Switch to L2TP destination IP (PPP over L2TP)
  • Tunnel Switch to L2TP destination IP range (Failover & Round Robin)

Scale with clicks, not with POs

Scale your network as you grow. Ordnance lets you provision your router based on it’s backplane and lets you change it in real time. Need additional bandwidth, it’s just a few clicks away!

Seamless provisioning of nbn™ customer

Our platform can take traffic from the NBN and provision the AVCs based on your policies. Migrating from your existing solution to the Broadband Termination Platform is seamless.

More Power, More Scale, More Oomph.

With a custom made, purpose built routing platform with BGP and IPv6 Support, we’ve built a platform that will not only support the internet’s needs today, but support well into the future.

Product Description

The Hosted BTP from Ordnance is part of a family of products designed to reduce the cost & complexity of terminating Broadband services.  Hosted BTP includes the BNG service for NBN POIs and the routing infrastructure with nationwide point-to-point infrastructure ready to be provisioned.

Whether you are a small-to-medium carrier looking to increase your capacity and reduce your capex or a large carrier looking for horizontal scaling and software automation, the BTP line of products gives you a cost-effective “lean-infrastructure”.

Datasheet (1.6MB)

Small to Medium Broadband Providers

The Hosted Broadband Termination Platform enables on-demand network infrastructure. Ordnance provides a complete network infrastructure for Broadband providers to connect to the NBN and offer nationwide service to customers. Eliminate capital expenditures and complex network configuration by migrating to our hosted infrastructure managed by Ordnance, provisioned by you.

Large Broadband Providers in Small Markets

Sub contract to Ordnance and we’ll manage the infrastructure in markets that are too small to support your dedicated infrastructure.

Our platform can connect into your AAA/RADIUS service and provision your customers with the services they have purchased. If you outgrow the hosted service, Ordnance can integrate a dedicated, On-Premise Broadband Termination Platform into your network infrastructure.

We have you covered!

Our Carrier-Scale infrastructure provides Nationwide coverage from internet to NBN broadband termination. This provides an end-to-end solution for small to medium Broadband Service Providers. We give you a virtual footprint in all of the key capital cities with your own point of presence that you can provision within seconds as your bandwidth requirements scale.

Pay as you grow!

The hosted BTP has a service tier for all levels of operation, starting at just 500 subscribers and 1 Gigabit of throughput through to 500,000 subscribers and multiple 10G NBN Points of Interconnect.  With the hosted service, eliminate your capital expenditures and let Ordnance manage the scaling requirements.

Hosted Bundles
500 Subscribers
1,000 Subscribers
5,000 Subscribers
10,000 Subscribers
25,000 Subscribers
50,000 Subscribers
100,000 Subscribers
500,000 Subscribers

Hosted Management Portal

Managing your customers couldn’t be easier. Ordnance provides access via a portal or API to provision your customer by product, subscribers or even sessions. Receive detailed billing reports by circuit and add services with a few clicks.

For large broadband wholesalers who implement On-Premise dedicated equipment, the portal gives your customers an easy way to sign up for services on-demand.

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